What's New?
  • Luxury Ditches now installed

    Our ditches have now benefitted from the provision of rubber matting which will aid the maintenance of the green by reducing the amount of grit that comes out when bowls are removed.    Long jacks can now be played without fear of emptying the ditches when recovering the 'touchers'.

  • Our New Junior Section

    Thanks to Dave Waddell & Rowland Cleverley our new junior players now have their own 'captains' and with a number of other members willing to help out, we now see an opportunity to ensure the long term future of the club.
    Do you or any of your friends/relations know youngsters who could be tempted to join us? If so please contact Rowland or Dave via our Enquiries page - click on the photo above.    Have a look at our Juniors page by clicking on the navigation link above.

  • Our new 'Shop' opens

    Many members sell off their unwanted bowling items via our clubhouse noticeboards.   This new feature will enable you to show it on the web possibly opening up your item to people outside of the club, or indeed Olney.  Find out how to use it by clicking on the image.

  • The Joker makes an appearance

    Our Joker is alive and well and living on the board under the disguise of an envelope.  Make sure you don't lose out on the prize by getting a ticket for the next draw in our 4th game.   The Joker has added around £1500 to club funds since it started and the committee (not to mention Paul our past Treasurer) would like to thank everyone who has participated.  Will 2017 bring our first £1000 winner?   Only time will tell but do remember, if you're not in it, you can't win it!

  • The Coaching Centre

    Want some hints and tips to help you improve your game?  Those new to bowling will firstly benefit from a short course of instructionf from our Bowls England qualified Club Coaches, then visit The Coaching Centre to refresh your memory and consolidate what you have learned in practice.

< Huge Congratulations to Mick Richardson for reaching the Semi finals of the Champion of Champions competition at the Bowls England National Competition at Leamington Spa and being only 2 shots from reaching the finals. Visit our News Page for more detail

Welcome to

 Olney Bowling Club

Founded in 1906, the club is based at the Recreation Ground, Olney and is affiliated to Bowls England (BE) and  Buckinghamshire Bowling Association (BBA) .

We are always happy to welcome potential new members and visitors.   If you would like to find out more about the game of bowls, or try the game out for yourselves, you'll find us a friendly lot who are happy to share our facilities and encourage you to become part of the bowling fraternity.

Why not drop into our clubhouse during the season which lasts from May to October or give us a ring on 01234 240548 most afternoons or evenings, leaving a message if there is no one answering.    Not sure if you can come along and see us?   Go to our 'Enquiries' page, give us your contact details and one of our folks will be in touch.

Out of season contact can be made by phoning the club secretary Rory Macdonald on 01234 712460 or via the web.



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This web site is a facility which has been set up for the benefit of club members and visitors alike.   

If you are a member and want to find out the latest news or planned events, you should find it here.

If you are a visitor, or potential visitor to Olney and have an interest in bowls, then have a look at our Calendar and Fixture Lists to find out when you are likely to find the green being used and drop in to say hello - we might even be able to offer you a game.

Please drop back to the site on a regular basis to find out what his happening and how we are getting on both in cyberspace and on the green.

If you feel that there is something which you would like to be on the web page, please drop a note via our enquiry page and someone will get back to you to discuss your idea or else speak to one of the committee next time you are at the Green.

The site was last updated on

28th August 2017


Season 2017

A bowling season seems to pass too quickly for the members however the winter goes just as fast and here we are on the threshold of another 6 months on the hallowed turf of our favourite club.

The enrolment documents have been emailed out and we will have the first get together on 7th April when fees can be paid, the winter's woes can be discussed and the bar can spring into life as we check to see if the beer is up to standard, the spirits remained strong during the closure and perhaps, we might even have a winner in our next game of "find the Joker"

Hopefully we will have a good turnout to encourage our new President, Captains and Committee.

Remember, there are a number of games in the eary part of the season and the team sheets are waiting for your signature so get on down and let's have another fantastic season.


If you have any suggestions to put to the Social Committee, or ideas which you think the Marketing committee should consider, please feed these back via our enquiry page - remember this is YOUR club, so your ideas are welcomed..

If you would like to find out more about the club or the game of bowls in general, please also visit the enquiry page where you can give us your contact details and arrangements will be made for one of our committee members to get in touch to answer any questions you may have.