The following are the details of the forthcoming AGM.

AGM 2016

 The Annual General Meeting
Olney Bowling Club

will be held on

Sunday 27th November, 2016
The Club House
10.00 am.

All members should have received the following notices from the Secretary:










1.      President’s Welcome

2.      Members Present

3.      Apologies for Absence

4.      Minutes of AGM 2015 (circulated)

5.      Election of President 2017-2019

6.      Election of Club Captain

7.      Election of Company Secretary

8.      Election of Treasurer 

9.      Life Member – B. Clifton

10.  Secretary’s Report (circulated)

11.  Captain and Ladies Captain Report (circulated)

12.  Treasurer’s Report (circulated)

13.  Presentation and Adoption of the Club Accounts

14.  Appointment of Auditors 2017 Season

15.  Adoption of new Club Rules

16.  Submitted Motions

17.  Permission to destroy papers

18.  President’s closing remarks






As this is my last season as Captain, I would like to thank you all for your wonderful support over the last four years.  Once again we have had a great season with our green being fantastic with many visiting clubs full of praise and envy.  There are so many members working  so hard for the club and rather than naming them all I just want to say what a terrific job everyone has done in their different roles.  It’s a credit to you all.

 Brian our President retires after his third year in office coinciding with fifty years a member  and with his drive and ambition he has done so much for the club over the years.  Well done Brian.  Paul Watson retires as Treasurer after seven years and on behalf of all the members I would like to say a huge thank you for all your hard work and dedication.  Allan Bates is also retiring from looking after our spectacular flower beds.  For a number of years and at no cost to the club he has given up his time to look after the flowers and every day he comes to the club from his home and waters and looks after the display.  Many thanks Allan from all your friends at the club and best of luck to Geoff Bourne who will be taking over.

Congratulations to all the competition winners.  It’s nice to see a lot of our recent bowlers coming to the fore.  They entered two teams in a Bucks League competition and both teams won their respective leagues.  Well done all of you.  Another successful Points Night was held with Dean Crafter coming through as a winner.

Next season the club will be having a new President, Treasurer and Club Captain along with our Lady Captain Wendy Boshi, Secretary Rory Macdonald and the committee who all do a wonderful job.  Let’s all give them our strongest support in any way possible and I’m sure the club will go from strength to strength.  Thank you all so much.




Sadly we have come to the end of the bowls season for yet another year.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel a few of our Ladies games as we just couldn’t get enough players for them.  I urge the new ladies to please put your name down for these games.  As a result of this we have decided not to enter the Burnham Plate next year.  Hazel Garner and Maggie Lomax were still unable to play this year, hope to see you both on the green next year.  Congratulations to those who got into the finals of our club games.  I wish you all well over the winter season and look forward to seeing you next year.




About sixteen months have passed since I took on the role of Club Secretary and I think now that I have finally got the hang of the job!  Not too many mistakes, I am glad to say and thank you to all the members of the club for your support and understanding.

It has been a busy year and the majority of my time has been spent organising all the Health & Safety aspects of the club that need to be in place to conform with government and local authority rules and regulations.  This is also required by our insurers in case of any claims.   Our fire extinguishers have all been renewed and a local company comes once a year to check our procedures are correctly in place and that we have kept our records of inspection up to date.  One of the stipulations of the fire assessment was that we installed a fire proof door in the kitchen facing the green.  This was done by Ray Whiting and many thanks to him for his time and effort.  The emergency lighting has been completely re-vamped by Paul Garner and Trevor Lomax and is now fully operational and checked once a month.  Many thanks to them for all the work they put in to update the system.   Chris Welch and Paul Garner have also done a complete PAT test on all the relevant electrical items in the club and we have had a local company complete a certified electrical systems check on all electrical items and systems in and around the clubhouse.  Our kitchen was once again awarded five stars after our bi-annual  Food and Hygiene inspection.  Well done everyone for keeping up our high standards.  Finally, with regard to Health & Safety I must say a very special thank you to Gerald Wilson for organising two necessary courses, one on First Aid and the other on Fire Fighting.  The First Aid course was reasonably well attended and was conducted by Gerald’s daughter and son-in-law from St John’s Ambulance.  The Fire Fighting course I am disappointed to say was not well attended especially after all the hard work Gerald had put in to setting it up.  We will probably organise another similar course next year and hope that more members turn up, especially those operating the bar.

We have divided the committee into various sub committees under the headings Bar, House, Social, Green, Competitions, Fixtures and Promotions.  Each sub committee has a leader and this allows all aspects of the club to be monitored throughout the year and any changes made that may be necessary.

There have been quite a few changes to the club this year as we continue to promote and improve Olney Bowling Club, and all the information regarding the club and what we have done and are planning to do can be found in the minutes of our meetings which are in the folder above the club telephone.  Feel free to read through them.

As Colin mentioned in his report we have a number of members retiring from administrative positions this year.  Rather than name them all again, I would also like to add my thanks for all their hard work over the years.  I have enjoyed working with them in the short period of time that I have been Club Secretary and I wish them an enjoyable “retirement” from their respective positions. Finally, a special thank you to all the members of the club who volunteer to do jobs around the clubhouse.  Without your support this club would not exist and with the support of your committee and all the hard work they put in to make your season as enjoyable as possible I trust Olney Bowling Club will progress from strength to strength.







(Affiliated to Bowls England and Buckinghamshire County Bowling Association)


Founded 1906





 Introduction         1
 Section   1
 Section   2
 - Aims
 Section   3  - Objectives     2
 Section   4
 - Membership     3
 Section   5  - Subscriptions
 Section   6
 - Financial Year
 Section   7
 - Club Management
 Section   8
Rules of the Club Management Committee
 Section   9
 - Sub Committees
 Section 10
 - Annual General Meeting
 Section 11
 - General Rules
 Section 12
 - Club Bar
 Section 13
 - The Green
 Section 14
 - Other Policies, Rules & Statements

These Rules were approved and adopted by the vote of the membership at the

Annual General Meeting on 27th November 2016 and supersede and replace all earlier




Brian Clifton – Club President







These Rules form the Constitution of Olney Bowling Club.


It should be understood by all members that it is unlikely that every possible event can be covered by these Rules and therefore, in the event of the unusual or unexpected, the Club Committee shall endeavour to act in the best interests of the Club.


Any matters not covered by these Rules shall be determined by the Club President and dealt with by the Club Committee. Members will be advised via a Club noticeboard announcement or reported at the next Club General Meeting.



The Club shall be called Olney Bowling Club (hereinafter called “the Club”) and is situated at:
The Clubhouse, Recreation Ground, East Street, Olney, Bucks, MK46 4DW.
It constitutes the entire premises, green and surrounds contained within the perimeter of the property at this address.


2.1       To be a non-profit organisation operating for the benefit of sport. Any surplus
            income or gains to be invested in the Club and does not permit any distribution
            of Club assets, in cash or kind, to members or third parties.

2.2       To promote and foster the game of lawn bowls.

2.3       To provide members with the facilities to learn, practice and participate in the
            game of lawn bowls.

2.4       To organise internal leagues and competitions.

2.5       To participate in external leagues and competitions.

2.6       To arrange representative and friendly matches with other bowling clubs.

2.7       To provide and engage in social activities for the benefit of the Club and its


Page 1



3.1       That the collective voting members shall be responsible for the good running,
            administration and upkeep of the Club by their own efforts and the action of
            their elected Club Committee.

3.2       To maintain a membership of at least 25 capable of participating in Club,
            County and National competitions.

3.3       To encourage membership, irrespective of Race, Colour, Ethnicity, Creed,
            Religion, Disability, Politics, Gender or Sexual Orientation.

3.4       To be affiliated with those County and National organisations that exist for the
            good governance of the game and to play the game of bowls in the accepted
            governing rules.

3.5       To ensure, in the event of dissolution, that the benefit of the Club assets shall
            be for ‘approved sporting or charitable purposes’ to comply with the
            legislation, which may include another Community Amateur Sports Club


Page 2





4.1       There are five classes of membership:

            (1) Full Membership (maximum 150).

            Playing members aged 18 years and over and will have full voting rights.


            (2) Junior Membership

Playing members under 18 years or in Full Time Education up to 21 years.

There will be no subscription fee but will not have voting rights.

Juniors under 16 years must be supervised by a suitable adult aged 18 years

and over. (See also Section 12).

            (3) Social Membership

(i) Individual Social members (maximum 50), on payment of the appropriate
            subscription, will benefit by way of life-time membership but will not have
            voting rights.
            (ii) Additionally, spouses or partners of Full members will also be regarded as
            Social members for the time their spouse/partner is a Full member and no fee          will be applicable.

(iii) Where a block Social Membership is granted, this will be reviewed


(4) Honorary Membership

Upon an accepted nomination by the Club Committee and approval of the full
            membership attending the Annual General Meeting, the Club may award

special membership (e.g. Honorary Life Membership) to any full member

deemed worthy, such membership to commence not less than 48 hours after

nomination and approval. Annual subscription is waived.


(5) Temporary Membership

This may be granted for the day to notified visiting teams, competition
            players and their guests.

4.2       Application for Membership

This shall be made in writing on the appropriate form, for consideration of the

Club Committee and will be approved by a simple majority. Successful

applicants will be notified in writing by the Club Secretary. Membership will

commence 48 hours after approval and upon payment of the subscription due.

These Rules will be made available to each new Full/Junior member.
            Unsuccessful applicants shall be informed in writing without comment.

4.3       Coaching - New Members

All Full/Junior members new to bowling are expected to participate in the

Coaching programme organised by the Club’s qualified coaches. This will

enable the new member to gain maximum benefit, confidence and enjoyment

in the game of bowls.

Page 3



4.4       List of Members

A maintained list of Full, Junior and Social Members, showing names and

telephone numbers shall be kept available in the Clubhouse as required by the

Licensing Laws.

4.5       Members’ Responsibilities

Members of the Club shall:

(1) observe these Rules and other published, supplementary Rules approved
            by the Club Committee.
            (2) support and assist the activities of the Club and the maintenance of the

Club fabric.
            (3) attend all Club General Meetings (or tender apologies of absence).
            (4) acknowledge that it is a condition of membership for all members up to

75 years be included on the Tea, Bar or Cleaning rotas during the year. Each
            member must take their turn to do these duties. Members over 75 years may
            volunteer for these duties. A list of activities will be provided as part of the

membership renewal process.

4.6       Members’ Guests
            The facilities shall be afforded to Full members’ “occasional” guests, subject

to a maximum of three guests per member on any one day. The member must
            complete the entries required in the ‘Visitor’s Book’ and will be liable for any
            fees set by the Club Committee. The member shall be responsible for the good
            conduct of his/her guest(s).

4.7       Cessation of Membership

A member shall cease to be a member if:
            (1) he/she resigns by giving one month’s notice in writing to the Club

            (2) he/she is requested to resign by a Resolution of the Club Committee.
            (3) the annual subscription remains unpaid by the due date.


                                                                             Page 4






5.1       The Club membership subscriptions shall be set by the Club Committee and
            advised at the Club Annual General Meeting, subject to any increase being
            limited to 10%. Any greater increase shall be put to the members at the
            Annual General Meeting for approval by simple majority.

5.2       Membership renewal subscriptions must be paid by 30th April each year.

There shall be no refund of subscriptions, either in full or in part, after
            1st May.

5.3       Payment by instalments will only be considered by the Club Committee in

exceptional circumstances.

5.4       Any member failing to renew their membership by the due date may be
            required to re-apply. (See Section 4.7).

5.5       The Club Committee shall have the discretion to reduce the Full membership
            fee by up to 50% for new members in the first year of their membership.



6.1       The Club’s Financial Year shall be 1st October to 30th September.

6.2       Interim Management Accounts will be presented at each Club Committee
            meeting by the Club Treasurer.



Page 5



7.1       Vacancies for the Club Committee shall be advised to members by the Club
            Secretary at least 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting.

            Any nominations for vacancies must be received by the Club Secretary, duly
            proposed and seconded or supported by the Club Committee, no later than
            21 days before the Annual General Meeting (see Section 10.3).

7.2       A Club Committee, elected by simple majority, at the Annual General
            Meeting to be held in November, shall manage the Club. This Committee,
            who shall be Full members having paid all subscriptions due to the Club,
            shall comprise:
            (1) Executive Officers                        - The Club President
                                                            - The Club Secretary
                                                            - The Club Treasurer.
            The Company Secretary of Olney Bowling Club Limited will also be a
            non-Executive Officer.

            (2) Club Captain, Ladies Captain and Appointed Officers.


(3) Committee Members         - Minimum 6 : Maximum 10.

7.3       The term of office of the elected Executive Officers shall be three years with
            each Officer’s term expiring in successive years.

7.4       The term of Office for the elected Committee Members shall be three years.

7.5       The term of Office of non-Executive Officers, Captains and Appointments
            (e.g. Fixture Secretary) of the Club Committee shall be three years.

7.6       The Club Committee may appoint a Vice-President.

7.7       The Club Captain and Ladies Captain shall be elected at an Annual General

7.8       At the first Club Committee meeting following the Annual General Meeting,
            which must be held within 10 days of the Annual General Meeting, the Club’s
            Appointed officers will be confirmed.

7.9       The Club Committee may appoint Sub-Committees, as appropriate.

7.10     Written ‘Terms of Reference’ shall be supplied to all appointees and/or

7.11     The Club Committee may co-opt members from time to time for any
            specific purpose beneficial to the Club. They will not have voting rights.


Page 6







8.1       The President or their nominee from the Club Committee shall preside as    Chairman of all Club Committee and General Meetings.

8.2       The Club Committee shall meet as necessary subject to there being at least
            six meetings a year to deal with the following business:
            (1) Approve the Minutes of the previous meeting.
            (2) Receive reports on outstanding Action Points.
            (3) President’s Report.
            (4) Secretary’s Report and Correspondence.
            (5) Treasurer’s Report and to authorise payments to be made and ratify
                  payments already made.
            (6) Reports of Sub-Committees, Appointees and non-Executive Officers.
            (7) Attend to all Agenda items and matters arising therefrom.

8.3       The dates of proposed Club Committee meetings shall be displayed on
            the Club noticeboard.

8.4       All members of the Club Committee have equal voting rights.

8.5       The quorum for a Club Committee meeting shall be 50% of the Club
            Committee membership.

8.6       Any Officer or Committee member absent from three consecutive Club
            Committee meetings, without acceptable explanation, shall be deemed to
            have resigned.

8.7       All agenda items, reports and any other matter raised in Committee shall be
            minuted and kept. A copy of all the current year’s Minutes shall be retained in
            the Club’s ‘Official Documents’ folder kept in the clubhouse, until the next
            Annual General Meeting.

8.8       All Appointee Officers and Sub-Committee reports shall be put to a Club
            Committee meeting or General Meeting and thereafter become part of the
            business of the Club.

8.9       An Executive Officer may not act as Chairman of a Sub-Committee.

8.10     A Committee member may only act as Chairman on one Sub-Committee.

8.11     The Club President is deemed to be a member of all Sub-Committees and
            shall be kept advised.

8.12     No debt or liability may be incurred in the name of the Club beyond the level
            of authority granted by the Club Committee and recorded in the Minutes.


                                                                  Page 7




8.13     The Club President shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Club and be
            deemed the sole interpreter and custodian of these Rules.

8.14     If a matter in Club Committee cannot be decided by a vote of hands, a ballot
            vote of members present shall be taken. Should this ballot vote fail to decide
            the matter, the Club President may either:
            (a) declare the matter “unresolved”, or
            (b) refer the matter to the agenda of a General Meeting.
            This decision shall be the President’s but he/she may not exercise a casting

8.15     It shall be the right of the Club Committee to call a General Meeting of the

            membership, outlining the matter for discussion, providing 14 days notice is

            given. Written notice is to be sent to each member by electronic mail or to

            their last known address. Additionally during the bowling season, by          notification on the Club noticeboard.

8.16     In the event of a Club Committee vacancy occurring, the Committee may
            co-opt a member to serve until the next Club Annual General Meeting,
            whereupon a duly nominated member may be elected to serve the balance
            of the term outstanding.



Page 8






Where Sub-Committees have been formed, they will operate within their ‘Roles and Responsibilities’ (Terms of Reference) and authorised budgets, liaising with other Sub-Committees as appropriate. They will be ‘Chaired’ by a member of the Club Committee.

9.1       Bar Sub-Committee

            Manage all matters appropriate to the operation of the bar, including:

·         Appoint and liaise with all external suppliers.

·         Ensure stock is at appropriate levels.

·         Manage volunteer bar staff.

·         Propose improvements to bar facilities.

·         Ensure compliance with all requirements of the bar Licence.

·         Ensure the bar and cellar are adequately secured.

·         Report to the Club Committee as appropriate, and act upon their requests.


9.2       House Sub-Committee

Manage all operational and facilities matters of the clubhouse including:

·         Manage all external contractors.

·         Maintain and repair facilities as required.

·         Propose improvements to the clubhouse.

·         Ensure that the facilities comply with the relevant legislation.

·         Ensure that the facilities are adequately secured.

·         Manage all aspects of catering requirements.

9.3       Social and Entertainments Sub-Committee

Manage the social programme, including:

·         Annual Presentation Dinner and Dance.

·         Opening and Closing parties.

·         Winter social events.

·         Manage all non-playing aspects of Club nights throughout the season.

·         Collect event income and send Accounts to the Club Treasurer.


9.4       Competitions Sub-Committee

            Manage all operational matters for internal Club competitions, including:

·         Liaison with the Club Secretary for entries for each Club competition.

·         Coordinate the number of entries to each Club competition.

·         Organise the draw for each Club competition.

·         Prepare the competition draw/round sheets and locate in the clubhouse.

·         Check the match scorecards against the draw/round sheets.

·         Coordinate and organise the 1 day matches and prizes, as appropriate.

·         Ensure the trophies and other prizes are obtained and updated for the annual Presentation Dinner.


Page 9




9.5       Fixtures Sub-Committee

Manage the Club’s playing affairs, including:

Ø  Agree fixture list.

Ø  Coordinate participation in leagues and external competitions.

Ø  Liaise with affiliated bodies and league associations.

Ø  Resolve any issues associated with bowls fixtures.

Ø  Report unresolved issues to the Club Captain.

Ø  Organise compilation and printing of the Club handbook.


9.6       Promotions Sub-Committee

Manage promotional matters for the benefit of the Club, including:

·         Advertising, promoting and organising the annual Open Day.

·         Arrange a structured coaching programme via the Head Coach.

·         Promote Club involvement in other external leagues, as appropriate.

·         Produce a regular entry in Olney’s local magazines, e.g.‘Phonebox’ and ‘MK Pulse’ etc.

·         Review Club policies and rules where these are relevant to good practice.

·         Assist with integrating new members into the Club.


9.7       Green Sub-Committee

Manage all operational matters in relation to the green and surrounds, including:

·         Manage all external contractors.

·         Maintain and repair facilities and machinery as required.

·         Manage the mowing team and working parties in conjunction with the Head Greenkeeper.

·         Ensure the equipment sheds are adequately secured.

·         Propose any improvements to the green.


Page 10






10.1     The Annual General Meeting shall be held in November each year.

The date of the next Annual General Meeting shall be announced prior to
the close of the current Annual General Meeting. Notwithstanding this, the
Club Secretary shall send (by electronic mail wherever possible) to all Full members not less than 14 days before the Annual General Meeting:

- a copy of the provisional Agenda;

- the last Annual General Meeting Minutes;

- the Annual Report;

- Nominations;

- Motions;

- a ‘simplified’ Financial Report giving details of income and expenditure;

- any other relevant information or data to assist the consideration of Agenda items.

10.2     Any proposed amendments or additions to these Rules must be proposed and seconded and submitted to/by the Club Committee in writing no later than 21 days before the Annual General Meeting, to be put before the membership of the Club (or by postal vote) for approval by a two-thirds majority.

10.3     All nominations for Officers and/or Committee Members together with any
Motions must be proposed and seconded or supported by the Club Committee and submitted in writing to the Club Secretary no later than 21 days before the Annual General Meeting.

10.4     For information, the published timetable for notifications and submissions for the Annual General Meeting is as follows:

No later than 28 days prior to the AGM

Advice of all Club Committee vacancies.

(Section 7.1).

No later than 21 days prior to the AGM

Submission of vacancy nominations, motions and amendments/additions to the Rules.

(Sections 10.2 and 10.3).

No later than 14 days prior to the AGM

Issue of Annual General Meeting papers to members. (Section 10.1).


10.5     The purpose of the Annual General Meeting is to:
(1) elect Executive Officer(s);
(2) elect the Club Captain and Ladies Captain;
(3) elect the Club Committee Members;
(4) approve the Club non-Executive Members;
(5) receive the Annual Report;
(6) receive the Club Secretary’s Report;
(7) receive the Club Treasurer’s Report;
(8) approve the Club’s Examined Accounts;
(9) appoint an Independent Examiner for the next year;
(10) receive the Reports of the non-Executive Officers;
(11) debate and reach a decision on motions and matters put by the Club Committee or members.


                                                        Page 11






10.6     No business shall be conducted at the Annual General Meeting, or any other General Meeting unless a quorum of 25% of the current Full membership of the Club is present at the commencement of the business.


10.7     Voting

            Decisions made at the Annual General Meeting or other General/Special Meeting shall be by a simple majority, except where an alteration to the Rules is concerned (see Section 10.2), of the votes cast by those members attending the meeting and entitled to vote and valid Postal votes. In the event of equal votes, the President shall be entitled to a second and casting vote.


            Where voting is by ballot, a Returning Officer will be appointed prior to the voting, to adjudicate the ballot and to notify the Chairman of the result of the ballot accordingly. Voting rights are restricted to Full and Honorary Life members. The rights and privileges of a member shall not be restricted.


10.8     Postal Votes

            A member who is unable to attend the Annual General Meeting or other General/Special Meeting may request a Postal vote from the Club Secretary.


            The Postal vote is to be returned to the Club Secretary in a sealed envelope no later than 7 days prior to the meeting.

A member using a Postal vote cannot vote in person.



Page 12







11.1     It shall be a member’s right to bring any matter to the attention of the Club Committee for discussion by doing so in writing to the Club President via the office of the Club Secretary.

11.2     It shall be the right of the membership to require an Extra-ordinary General Meeting to be called to discuss any matter, subject to a minimum of fifteen Full members supporting the request by attaching their names and signatures to the written request. Such requests to be addressed to the Club President via the office of the Club Secretary. Upon receipt of the request, the Club Committee shall, within 28 days, inform the membership in the manner prescribed for a General Meeting.

11.3     No General Meeting or Extra-ordinary General Meeting may be convened within eight weeks of the Club Annual General Meeting.

11.4     To remove an elected Officer or Committee Member from office, a two-thirds majority shall be required from a vote taken by members eligible to vote at a General Meeting of the membership.

11.5     Personal Possessions

            The Club accepts no responsibility for the loss of or damage to any property left on the Club premises or its surrounds, including the adjacent car park.


11.6     Postal Votes
To accommodate matters of urgency or where a timetable is imposed upon the Club by an outside authority, the Club Committee is authorised to conduct a vote of the membership via notification using electronic mail or to the member’s address as recorded in the Club’s membership register. It shall be in order for such votes to circumvent the normal timetable arrangements.

11.7     Dissolution of the Club
This shall only be by motion at a General Meeting of the membership carried by a two-thirds majority of all Full members. (See also Section 3.5).

11.8     Complaints and Allegations of Misconduct
These must be made in writing. Such items, respecting individual’s rights to representation and confidentiality, will be dealt with in closed session by a panel comprised of a delegated Executive Officer and three Club Committee members. The decision will be conveyed to the member within seven days.

Appeals against any findings/decisions must be made in writing to the Club President within seven days of the original notification and shall be heard by a new panel of an Executive Officer, three Club Committee members and two members of the individual’s peers (of their own choice) if they so wish. The findings of the new panel shall be final and the decision conveyed to the member within seven days.


Page 13




12.1     The Bar Sub-Committee will be responsible for the day to day management of
            the bar.


12.2     The bar shall operate in accordance with instructions of the Club Committee and the conditions of its licence to sell alcoholic beverages and other local/national legislation that may apply. It will be open as displayed (Days/Times).

12.3     Records of all sales and purchases shall be maintained to a standard set by the Club Committee and these shall be made available to the Club Treasurer for examination at any reasonable time.

12.4     Alcohol and other bar stocks or supplies shall only be purchased from sources authorised by the Club Committee in writing and recorded in the Club’s Minute Book.

12.5     Purchases shall only be made from the approved sources by the Bar Sub-Committee, which shall consist of elected members aged 18 years and over.

12.6     Any commission(s) paid on or for purchases must be paid to and for the benefit of the Club.

12.7     Alcohol may be sold on Christmas Day.

12.8     Intoxicating liquor will not be sold to anyone under the legal age limit. For the purchase of soft drinks and snacks from the bar, children under the age of 16 years must be in the company of a person aged 18 years and over.
(Refer to the Club’s ‘Age Verification Policy’ at Section 14.1(7)).

12.9     Alcohol shall not be sold for consumption off the premises except to a member in person.

12.10   Alcoholic and soft drinks may be sold to persons attending the Club social or other events authorised by the Club Committee provided that such functions shall not exceed 12 per year. Functions to which the public may have access to the premises will be covered under ‘Temporary Events Notices’.



Page 14



13.1     The green shall be open for play at all times during the season, subject to the control of the appointed Green Keeper.

13.2     Booking for casual play need not be recorded in the Rink Diary, but preference, where appropriate, will be given to National, County and Club matches.




14.1     The Club has adopted and supports the current policies and rules in effect covering:

1. Bowls England Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults Policy,
    including all its procedures.

2. Bowls England Useful Information Guides – Booklets 1-4 and Duty of Care
    Booklet on Fire Risk Assessment and Management

3. Health and Safety.

4. A Guide for Bowlers on Etiquette.

5. Internal Club Competitions.

6. Smoke Free Policy – Health Act 2006.

7. Age Verification Policy.

These documents are held with these Rules in the ‘Official Club Documents’ folder or alongside as separate publications and retained in the Clubhouse.


14.2     There are additional ‘Official Club’ documents maintained for the benefit and wellbeing of the Club and its members.

                                                                     Page 15






Whilst these draft updated Rules are longer than the existing Rules, this is because there are 2 additional Sections; an Index; larger font size and spaced out to give clarity of presentation. If required, the font size can be reduced with spacing and page breaks removed, although we believe this would detract from overall clarity and ease of usage.


  • The Sections follow the existing Sections with the addition of a Sub-Committee Section (S.9) and Other Policies etc. (S.14).
  • The Introduction recognises the Rules form the Club Constitution.
  • An Index page is included and the existing Section 14 regarding AGM adoption is now on the Index front page.
  • All suggested amendments are highlighted in yellow.




No changes.




Added 4 additional aims recognising the importance of leagues and matches.




As now plus:

3.3 Widened scope.

3.4 Spelling correction.

3.5 Incorporated the existing italics text.




4.1 Membership classes expanded recognising and clarifying the variations.

Full – stating maximum number.

Junior – clarifying qualification and adult supervision age (18 not 17 years).

Social – recognising decision on lifetime membership and block membership (e.g. Olney Runners). Also formalising the position of spouses of Full members.

Honorary – this is really recognising Life members. Considered better use of this title than existing Section 4.7

Temporary – visiting teams etc.


4.2 Applications – states who will be responsible for notification. Rules to be made available, not supplied, i.e. in Club Documents folder.

4.3 Coaching – new text.

4.4 List – updated.

4.5 Responsibilities – clarifying volunteer duties.

4.6 Guests – as now.

4.7. Cessation – new text.

Existing Section 4.8 moved to Bar Section 12.10

Existing Sections 5 and 6 reversed as a more logical order.




5.1 same

5.2 Merged existing Sections 6.2 and 6.3

5.3 added to give discretion to allow instalments.

5.4 same.

5.5 added to give discretion to reduce fees.




6.2 added recognising Interim accounts.




General – we believe ALL members on the Committee should have equal voting rights (see existing Section 8.4 where this is restricted). The following suggested amendments reflect this view.


7.1 added to make the timetable for nominations clear. This happens but not currently laid down.

7.2 added Company Secretary recognising JS’s link role as Secretary of OBC Ltd.

- Also added Captains and Appointees.

- Committee member numbers given flexibility (allows for increases/decreases as necessary).

7.3 as now.

7.4 removed the one-third rotational retiring of Committee members.

7.5 for consistency, made term of office 3 years.

7.6 and 7.7 as now.

7.8 ‘confirmation’ considered a better word.

7.9 new recognising a greater use of Sub-committees.

7.10 as now (but detailed in new Section 9).

7.11 new to give flexibility of ad-hoc appointments, e.g. should the Club have a solicitor member for any legal matters.




8.1 clarifying nominee must be from Committee.

8.2 expanded for points (1) and (2) as this is what happens.

8.3 as now.

8.4 see comments in Section 7.

8.5 clarifies 50% of whole Committee.

8.6 as now.

8.7 updates where and how long Minutes are kept.

8.8 – 8.12 as now.

8.13 Rules should have a nominated ownership.

8.14 clarifies the existing ‘he’ should be the President (maybe a lady in the future).

8.15 recognises email and clarifies ‘summer months’ to ‘bowling season’.

8.16 as now.



All new recognising new Sub-committee arrangements. Acts as Terms of Reference.




10.1 recognises Articles of Association Section 6 re. timing of AGM.

10.1 recognises use of email.

10.2 formalises proposed changes must be properly submitted and in what timescale.

10.3 new – just formalises and makes clear what generally happens.

10.4 new – an easy timetable to show the various stages of proposals etc. to the AGM.

10.5 added point (2) elect Captains (see S7.7) -not in existing S9.3 and ‘motions’ in point (11).

10.6 new – there is no quorum figure in the existing Rules.

10.7 and 10.8 both new – there is no text in the existing Rules on how any votes should be administered or allowing for postal votes.


SECTION 11 – GENERAL RULES (previous S.10)


11.1 to 11.5 as now.

11.6 added use of email.

11.7 clarifies Full members only.

11.8 Complaints – added decision to be conveyed to the complainant.

The second paragraph expanded to recognise member’s rights to be supported at any appeal hearing and conveyance of the decision.


SECTION 12 – CLUB BAR (previous S.11)


12.1 recognises Bar Sub-committee.

12.2 as now but added Days/Times open.

12.3 to 12.4 as now.

12.5 recognises Bar Sub-committee.

12.6 and 12.7 as now.

12.8 recognises we sell soft drinks and snacks. (Don’t understand what the existing words “after the second appointed day” mean.)

12.9 as now.

12.10 text moved from existing Section 4.8 as considered more logical here.


SECTION 13 – THE GREEN (previous S.12)


13.2 added – controls use if necessary.




New Section to take account of other Policies etc. the Club has adopted.


The previous Section 13 Other Matters is now covered as part of the Introduction.


Derek Helson and Dave Waddell – September 2016