The following are the details of the forthcoming AGM.

    AGM 2019

     The Annual General Meeting
    Olney Bowling Club

    will be held on

    Saturday 30th November, 2019
    The Club House
    10.00 am.

    All members should have received the following notices from the Secretary:





    1.      President’s Welcome

    2.      Members Present

    3.      Apologies for Absence

    4.      Minutes of AGM 2017 (circulated)

    5.      New Committee Members

    6.      Appointment of Lady Captain

    7.     Secretary's Report (Circulated)

    8.      Captain and Ladies Captain Report (Circulated)

    9.     Treasurer’s Report (circulated)

    10   Presentation and Adoption of the Club Accounts

    11.  Appointment of Accountants 2019 Season

    12.  Submitted Motions

    13  Amendments to Club Rules

    14.  Permission to destroy papers

    15.  President’s closing remarks






    There can be no doubt that 2018 has been a very successful year for Olney Bowling Club.  Apart from some very good results in our club matches the icing on the cake was “Doing The Double” by winning the Bucks Plate and the Bletchley & District League.  A great performance and congratulations to all involved.

    With the official “Opening of the Green” event it meant that things started earlier this year.  Many thanks to all of those who helped in getting the club ready in all aspects, we could not have done it without you.

    With regard to the legal and maintenance side of the club, this year has been a lot easier and we now have everything pretty much in order, although various issues are continually being sorted out to keep us up to date.  Many thanks to all the legal beavers who have been keeping an eye on things and keeping the club on the straight and narrow.  Special thanks must go to Chris Welch and his team in trying to sort out all the legalities of Olney Bowling Club Ltd and CASC.  Not an enviable job.

    Our Open Day was a success and we enrolled thirty-one new members to the club.  As we now have six qualified coaches all new entrants went through a series of coaching lessons which we hope put them on the road to many years of enjoyable and competitive bowling.

    The bar has done well this year and we have maintained a good gross profit throughout the year.  This is vitally important to the club as it is our main source of income during the bowling season.  There is a possibility that we might hold the odd social event during the winter months however, this is under investigation at the present time.

    The new format for our social events has been a great success and despite initial concerns about its viability we had nothing to worry about.  Each event was a great success, especially the hog roast and my sincere thanks to Mike, Dave and Pat for all their hard work and also the volunteers who helped out on the day.  Although Mike is leaving the committee at the end of this year he will still be in charge of organising our social events in 2019.

    Thanks to Mick Richardson and his team for all their hard work during the year and making our green the envy of many clubs in Buckinghamshire.  Even the antics of “Mr Mole” did not deter our mowers, edge trimmers and weeders!

    Our Junior section has been an outstanding success this year and would not have been possible without the dedication of Rowland and Dave.  They have done an outstanding job and are producing some very talented young bowlers who are now showing the adults a thing or two!  It is great seeing some of them playing in our club matches.  Well done everyone who has helped out and made this venture such a success and envy of many clubs in Buckinghamshire.

    Once again our flower beds have looked spectacular this summer and with the high temperatures a lot of watering has been done.  Sincere thanks must go to Yvonne and Pat O’Keefe and Pat Andrews for all they have done throughout the season.  Yvonne and Pat have put in a great deal of time looking after the flowerbeds and I know that they have invested a substantial amount of their own money to make the floral display a success.  Thank you both for all you have done for the club this year, I know it has been appreciated by myself and the members of OBC.

    Derek Helson has once again done a fantastic job as Captain and with the club winning “The Double” this year has become a very successful one.  Well done Derek and let’s see how well we perform next year!  2019 will be Derek’s last year as Captain and we are still seeking a vice or vice captains to help him next year and hopefully someone putting their name forward as Captain for 2020 – 2023.  If members don’t put their names forward then we will struggle to organise our matches.

    Our Treasurer Rob Murdoch has worked his socks off this year.  Apart from running the club accounts he has also had a battle royal with Anglia Water.  The outcome has still not been finalised but Rob deserves a pat on the back for not giving up.  Many would have thrown in the towel by now!

    Congratulations to all our competition winners and to Stuart Thomas for his organisation of the knock-out competitions and the one day club competitions.  Although Stuart is retiring from the committee he has said he will help out next year with the knock-outs but will not be organising the one day matches.  So, if there is anyone out there who would like to take on this role then please let me know, otherwise they will not played.

    After at least eight years organising our fixtures Sue Rogers has decided to retire from this position.  She has been a huge help to me and has always been 100% reliable.  The club owes her a huge “Thank You” for a job many people forget about.  Well done Sue, you can now sit back and put your feet up!

    Finally to Dave “Scoops” Waddle, the man with the camera.  Apart from the monthly publications in the Phonebox magazine he has also been the author of “Green Scene” our new in-house newsletter and what a success it has been.  Well done Dave and I am pleased you will continue with this publication next year.

    Finally, to all our members who have helped at the club throughout the summer.  Too numerous to mention but thank you to those who have looked after the green and its surrounds, cut the hedge (Ken told me he has been cutting the hedge for over 25 years!), worked behind the bar, cleaned the clubhouse and attended tables on our match days.  If I have forgotten anyone, I apologise.  Without your efforts this club would quite simply, not work! 

    Enjoy your winter bowling or whatever you do over the next six months and we will see you in April, if not before.





    What a fantastic season.  Successes have come from every angle.

    ·          The start of the season saw another magnificent turnout for the annual Open Day with over 60 adults and around 10 juniors trying their hand at bowls.  It’s the highest we’ve had for an Open Day.  Our membership has been bolstered once again.

    ·         The Junior section goes from strength to strength and we now have the largest Junior section in the County.

    ·         Apart from one match (cancelled by our opponents), we fulfilled all our friendly fixtures and at times it was good to have a selection problem with Reserves for some matches.   It’s far better to have more names than too few.  Many of our newer members are starting to play in these matches but there is still room for more.  It’s the best way to improve your game and you will be supported and encouraged by your other team players.

    ·         This year saw the first President v Captain Challenge matches to start the season off and a return match to officially close the season.

    ·         The Bletchley & District League saw a tight finish as we required 16 points out of 18 in our final match to win our section.  We got 17 points to put us against Bletchley St Martin’s in the final.  A triumphant win resulted.

    ·         We were disappointed to be relegated from the Bucks Cup last season to play in the Bucks Plate.  However, we redeemed ourselves by not only winning the Bucks Plate league for our area but then going on to win the Bucks Plate across the County beating Newport Pagnell in the final.  Also, promotion back to the Bucks Cup in 2019.

    ·         Our teams in the Buckinghamshire Bowls Association leagues narrowly missed promotion but certainly held their own.

    ·         The Club competitions saw successes for new names to go on the Honours Board – well done to all our winners.

    The green bowled really well again this year with many congratulatory comments from other clubs – many thanks to all the “Green Team.”

    Another feature this year was the introduction of a Members’ Newsletter – “Green Scene” – to keep everyone involved and up-to-date with what’s happening.

    My thanks for your support in the various matches and to the Vice Captain and Ladies Captain for also taking charge of matches during the season.

    SUCCESS is the word for 2018 – but the success of any club lies in the support of its membership, not only on the green but for the social events and all those support jobs that don’t just happen by accident.  It’s your Club, so let’s continue the success into 2019.





    We have come to the end of the bowling season for yet another year.  We had some good matches but I think the heat got to some of our ladies during the summer!  We have some promising new lady bowlers and I would urge you to please put your names down for matches.

    We are entering our club into the Burnham Plate next year, we have not entered this competition for a couple of years as we did not have enough ladies.  Congratulations to those who got into the finals of our club games.

    As I am stepping down after six years of being Lady Captain, I wish the new incumbent a happy and successful year in 2019.  I would like to congratulate our men for winning both the B&DL and also the Bucks Plate, well done to all those that played.

    I wish you all well over the winter season and look forward to seeing you next year.