Olney Bowling Club 

Green Opening Day



Getting Ready

First job on the agenda,   was the formal raising of the Club flag.   Our secretary is seen here getting our colours ready for the opening of the 2018 season despite an increasing wind that made life a little difficult. as our secretary got it ready, despite a growing wind.

For the first time ever, the club committee decided to have a formal opening of the Bowling Green.

Gone is the wait to see what the weather is like and eventually settle on a day with the issue of trying to ensure every member knows and, hopefully, come along at some point.

A date was chosen, months in advance and come what may, the formal opening would signal the green being available for play from that point forward.

Sunday, 15th May was the chosen date and entered in the fixture list, website Calendar and emails sent to everyone. 

This ensured that all members could join in on the day. and to make it a day to remember, a social meal was arranged for the evening making it a full day to be enjoyed by every member. 
As if to prove that he still had his flying ability, Rory rose to the occasion and up the flag went, unfurling as it ascended.  Someone mentioned that it was the best bit of flying Rory had done since his BOAC days but frankly, we can't comment.

It's the "Opening" Ceremony
Our President, Gerald Wilson, addressed the members and welcomed them to the new season
Our Presidents Wife, had the honour of delivering the first Jack of the Season which was not your normal White or Yellow version.
And clearly, Gerald was confused by the colour of the jack that Jean was about to deliver.   What was going on?  White, Yellow he was familiar with but now.................

The new addition to our asset base was a Silver Jack which will find itself being brought out to open the green in future years as the event becomes established. 
 The First Game of 2018

Members lined the band to find out which side they would be representing in the first game of the season.

The Opening match was a representative triples game of President V Captains.  Bit worried that Wendy and Derek outnumber Gerald so surely they will win this outing.
 As everyone waited to find out which rink they were playing on and whether they would be representing the President or Captains side.

The first head was telling!   It's along time since so many bowls failed to meet the jack and thank goodness, no measuring was needed as there was only one point on the first end. 

Despite a 6 month lay-off, at least one of our members had a good delivery.   Just as well as he has recently qualified as one of our coaches.

Bowls really is a good sport for exercise.  Plenty of walking, bending and arm exercises make it a perfect 'keep fit' activity.  Bar, beer, food and fun make it an equally good social sport too.

Plenty of banter, threats and a lot of great bowls was the sign of everyong enjoying their first  formal Green Opening.
Our bowling skills are still there but is the eyesight still as good - hope we don't need to get down and measure!

Not sure if this was a photo of congratulation over a well delivered bowl or an attempt at nobbling an opponent. 
the game was a great success with the Captains just winning by a meagre 5 shots.  Gerald, on announcing the result was surely looking forward to the rematch which will close the Club in September.
 The Evening Activities 
As part of the days festivities, an evening meal was produced by our regular caterer Jenny.  A lovely chicken dinner with desert followed by a sixties melody of background music finished of what was considered by all to be a great 'first' of many more to come. 

 Where's the Joker?
 Our Joker tempted 4 of those present to find him but unfortunately he remainded hidden.

He Stayed on the board so 
the next draw will be worth


to the person who finds him
 The fourth ticket is drawn but it went the way but it's purchaser had the same result as the previous 3.    All 4 of those whose raffle tickets were drawn, received £5.