This is a summary of the Knock Out Competitions, 1 Day Competitions and Points Night and should be read in conjunction with the Competition Rules.

Knock-Out Competitions

Entry to these competitions is done as part of the membership renewal process. The draw is made by the Competitions Committee

Players 'toss' at the start of the match to elect who has the mat.  A player winning the 'toss' may give the mat away to their Opponent.  The winner of the 'toss', where an extra end is necessary, may also give the mat away to their Opponent.

Score Cards are to be completed for each match.   Whilst only one card is necessary, each team is encouraged to complete a card to assist checking during the game.

The result of the match is to be entered on the Competition Draw Sheet by the winning player/team and the score card left by the draw sheet for the Competitions Committee.

A substitute is allowed in all Knock-Out Competitions (except Single format matches), providing they have not played for another team in the same Competition.  A substitute is not allowed to play as Skip.  It is possible that alternative substitutes will play at different stages of the competitions.

1 Day Competitions

An Entry sheet is posted on the Club noticeboard.

The draw is made prior to the Competition depending on the number of entries.

In all 1 Day Competitions, if a team 'burns' an end, it will count as an end but 2 shots will be awarded to the opposing team.

Points Night

Played on Tuesday evening during the Season