The Cox Cup


                     The inscription reads:                  

Cox Cup 

The Trophy was presented to the Club in 1988 by Jane & Ian Cox of Allen's of Olney.

The competition takes place on one day and is openn to all members.   The Trophy being presented to the winners on the day.

Originally it was a doubles competition.   Such was the popularity of the competition that it was decided to change to a triples format in 2000.

Jane Cox kindly sponsors this event.

The first winners were the Father and Son team of Geoffrey and Mark Tompkins.

How To Enter & Rules

A sheet will be posted on the Notice Board for members to register their name and team member names in advance of the game.

If a team 'burns' an end, it will count as an end but 2 shots will be awarded to the opposing team.

Game depends on the number of entries but is usually based on 2 mini leagues

Winners of each Mini League play a Final to determine the overall winner.

The match will be played under the rules for 1 Day Competitions - see summary

Scoring and Format

3 Wood Triples

5 Ends depending on entry size.