The main purpose of including the following points is to provide members with some key information for Club Competitions, in order to provide clarity and help to avoid possible confusion. They should be read in conjunction with the Club Competitions Summary sheet.


By adhering to these few simple points, it will avoid any potential backlog of competition fixtures and provide a useful source of reference when playing these matches.


 1  All competitions shall be played under the Rules of Bowls England.

These can be found in handbooks situated in the clubhouse. Competitions shall also be played in accordance with the specific Club Competition rules, which will also be displayed in the clubhouse.

 2  The competitions shall be open to all full members of the Club, with entry criteria and competition fees fulfilled prior to the competition draw.
 3  All competition matches up to the finals shall be in Greys and Club or white tops, except where directed otherwise by the Competition Committee. Finals shall be played in Whites and Club shirt. 

 4  The first drawn will be the Challenger. They shall offer their Opponent up to three dates spread over a minimum of a seven day period and should take into account the Opponent’s employment times, holiday dates, and County competition dates.

The Challenger should offer these dates within 3 days of the opening date of each round and the Opponent shall within 48 hours of receipt of the challenge, reply accepting one of the dates offered. The Challenger should insert the date of the match on the competition sheets and in the rink booking diary. This will also benefit other members who would like to watch any particular match.

 5  If a challenge has not been made within the specified period, the Opponent should in the spirit of the game, endeavour to try and contact the Challenger before submitting a claim for the game.

 6  Once a tie has been arranged, it shall only be altered with the agreement of both parties and no later than 24 hours before the agreed date, except in the case of ill health, green closure or other emergency.
 7  In Singles matches, it is the responsibility of the Challenger to arrange for a marker.
 8 All ties shall be played by the dates set, as listed on the Competition sheet. 

No extensions to these dates shall be allowed apart from exceptional circumstances. Where exceptional circumstances are accepted, the Competition Secretary/Committee will set a new date for that tie if agreement cannot be reached.

In order to avoid delays, substitutes may be used in accordance with Bowls England rules, providing they have not played in the same competition for another team. A substitute is not allowed to play as Skip. 

10  When a tie has not been played by the due date, the Opponent may claim the tie by contacting the Competition Secretary/Committee. In the event that the Challenger has offered dates, then the Challenger shall be able to claim the tie. If the tie has not been played by the set date and where no claim has been made, the Challenger and Opponent shall both forfeit the tie.

11  All disputes shall be referred to the Competition Secretary/Committee who shall investigate and resolve disputes and other situations where there are indications of failure to adhere to the competition rules and/or the spirit of the competition. Any member may appeal to the Competition Committee for a final ruling. Such appeals must be made in writing within 24 hours of the original decision. The decision of the Competition Committee will be final.

12  The game to be played on a rink drawn at random by the Opponent from those available. For the Final, the rink will be allocated by the Competition Committee.

13  All matches to commence with trial ends and a score card is encouraged to be kept by each team (except Singles matches) to assist checking during the game.

14  All Finals should be played during the dedicated Finals weekend. If this is not possible, earlier dates can be mutually agreed.

February 2016