How To Enter & Rules

The difference to the Singles Championship is that each entrant is given a handicap which will help to balance out the different skill levels and hopefully make for a closer game.

The Handicap is determined by the Competitions Committee in liaison with the Captains.

Challenger (first named) to arrange a Marker.

The match will be played under the rules for Knock-Out competitions - see summary

Scoring and Format

21 Shots plus Handicap  e.g. A Handicap of 3 = 24 Shots, a Handicap of 0 = 21 Shots.   Handicaps are not 'netted' against each other (i.e. Handicap 4 v Handicap 3 is not a net Handicap of 1) 

4 Woods each

As with all other Club Competitions the trophies are presented to the Winner and Runner-Up at the Presentation Night which is normally held in November.