How To Enter & Rules

All club members are automatically eligible to be part of the competition.

Games will take place EVERY Tuesday evening and anyone wishing to take part should aim to be in the clubhouse by 6:15.

On arrival, sign the sheet which will be on display and around 6:30, a draw will take place to allocate each player a rink and team.  

With numbers now beginning to top 30 each evening, please help the organisers by getting down early and signing the sheet.

As each evening is effectively a one day competition, if a team 'burns' an end, it will count as an end but 2 shots will be awarded to the opposing team.

Each team should maintain a score card with skips signing both cards and handing them to the evenings organiser at the completion of the game.

Scoring and Format

Pairs, triples or rinks depending on the numbers who have signed in.

Games will normally be 12 Ends unless intimated otherwise on any specific evening.

All members attending will draw a token to identify their team and rink number.

Blank tokens may be employed if it is not possible to match numbers to team formats. 

At the end of the games, 3 points will be awarded to all winners, 2 to all who draw their game and 1 point if you should be on a losing team, or unable to play due to inclement weather or other reason.

The up to date positions will be shown on the notice board each week 

Remember - only your TOP 15 scores count with your lower scores being dropped once you have reached your 15 completed games.

So How do we find the Winner if more than one player has the same score?

In the event of more than one person having the same number of points at the end of the season the winner 
will be identified by implenting the following criteria based according to chronological order :

  1. The person with the largest number of wins within their top fifteen counting games
  2. The person scoring their number of points in the fewest games
  3. The person with the largest difference between points scored and those against within their games 
  4. Call it a draw if the above don't establish a winner.

As with all other Club Competitions the trophy will be presented to the Winner at the Presentation Night which is normally held in November.