Company Limited by Guarantee and not having a Share Capital.





1. In these Articles" the Club" shall mean OLNEY BOWLING CLUB LIMITED.

2. In such of the Regulations contained in Table A in the First Schedule to The Companies Act, 1929 (such Table being hereinafter called" Table A "), as are by these Articles adopted by the Club, the word" Club" shall be deemed to have been substituted for the word" Company" and all references to the Board of Directors or the Directors shall be read and construed as references to the Committee and the Members of such Committee.


3. The Club for the purpose of registration is declared to consist of one hundred Members. The Committee hereinafter mentioned may, whenever the business of the Club requires it, register an increase of Members.

4. The first Members of the Club shall be (a) the subscribers hereto and (b) every person who has paid his current subscription to and is at the date hereof a Member of the unincorporated Club known as THE OLNEY BOWLING CLUB. Other Members shall be such persons as are admitted to Membership by the Committee, subject to any rules of the Club to be made in the manner provided by Article 21 hereof.

5. The rights of a Member as such shall be personal, and shall not be transferable, and shall cease on death. Any Member may resign by giving one calender month's notice in writing to the Club of his intention so to do, and upon the expiration of such period, he shall cease to be a Member. A Member shall also cease to be a Member if on the 30th. Sept. in any year he shall have failed to pay his subscription for that year.


6. The first General Meeting shall be held at such time and at such place as the Committee may determine. Subsequent General Meetings shall be held in the month of November in each year.

7. The above-mentioned General Meetings shall be called" Ordinary General Meetings"; all other General Meetings shall be called "Extraordinary General Meetings."

8. The Committee may, whenever they think fit, convene an Extraordinary General Meeting, and Extraordinary General Meetings shall also be convened as provided by Section 114 of the Companies Act 1929.


9. Clauses 42 and 43 of Table A shall apply.

10. Clause 44 of Table A shall apply except that the words "Sanctioning a Dividend" shall be deemed to be omitted.

11. No business shall be transacted at any General Meeting unless a quorum of Members is present at the commencement of the business. The quorum shall consist of 25% of the then members of the Club.

12. Clauses 46 and 49 of Table A shall apply.

13. At any General Meeting, unless a poll is demanded by at least one fourth of the Members present a declaration by the Chairman that a resolution bas been carried or lost, and an entry to that effect in the Book of proceedings of the Club shall be conclusive evidence of the fact without proof of the number or proportion of the votes recorded in favour of or against the resolution.

14. Clanses 51, 52 and 53 of Table A shall apply.


15. Every Member present in person shall have one vote whether on a show of hands or on a poll.


16. Unless and until otherwise determined by the Club in General Meeting the Officers of the Club shall be a President, a Captain, a Vice-Captain, a General Secretary, and a Business Secretary. and the Committee shall consist of the Captain and the Vice Captain of the Club, for the time being together with seven other Members of the Club.

17. The first Officers and other Members of the Committee shall be the Present Officers and other Members of the Committee of the unincorporated body known as the OLNEY BOWLING CLUB. '

18. At the Ordinary General Meeting in every year the whole of the Officers shall retire from office and three and four members alternately of the remaining members of the Committee.

A retiring Officer or other member shall be eligible for re-election. The members of the Committee (other than Officers) to retire in each year shall be those who have been longest in office since their last election but as between persons who became members of the Committee on the same day those to retire shall (unless they otherwise agree among themselves) be determined by ballot.

19. Clause 67 and 70 and Clauses 76 to 84 (both inclusive), and Clause 88 of Table A shall apply; but it shall not be necessary to give notice of a Meeting of the Committee to a Member of the Committee who is not within the United Kingdom.

20. The Committee may from time to time delegate any of :their powers to Sub-Committees consisting of one or more Member or Member's of the Committee or Member's of the Club as they may think fit to appoint, with power to co-op other : Members of the Committee or Club and may recall or revoke any such delegation or appointment. Any such Sub-Committee may regulate its own meetings or proceeding but shall in the .exercise of the powers so delegated conform to any regulations that may from time to time be prescribed by the Committee.


21. The Club in General Meeting may from time to time on the recommendation of the Committee make rules regarding the admission, conduct, and expulsion of Members and as to entrance fees and subscriptions to be paid by the Members, and as to matters generally in relation to the Club including matters herein provided for and may at any time vary or annul any rules so made, and all rules so made and for the time being in force shall be binding on the Members of the Club and shall have full effect accordingly ; Provided always that no rule shall be made under this Article which would amount to such an addition to or alteration of these Articles as could only legally be made by Special Resolution. The present rules of the unincorporated body known as the OLNEY BOWLING CLUB shall so as they are not inconsistent with these Articles he adopted the first rules of the Club.


22. Clause 71 of Table A shall apply.


23. Clause 97 to 100 (both inclusive) of Table A shall apply.


24. Clause 102 of Table A shall apply.


25. Clause 103 of Table A shall apply.

26. A Member who has no registered address in the United Kingdom shall not be entitled to receive any notices from the Club.


27. If the Club shall be wound up, the assets remaining after payment of the debts and liabilities of the Club and the costs of the liquidation shall be distributed pro rata among the Members of the Club at the date of the commencement of the winding up.