Club Constitution & Rules

The Bowling Club actually consists of two discrete organisations.

Olney Bowling Club Limited is an Incorporated company under the companies Act, 1929 and has a Board of Directors in exactly the same way as any other Limited Company within the business sector.   It is the management body which looks after:

Olney Bowling Club - the bit we all know and love.  This is the 'social' and competitive part. 

This setup means that we have TWO documents which are effectively our "Constitution"


This document contains the details about the Limited company and lays down the structure of the management board along with the range of rules and responsibilities which the club must adhere to if it is to operate legally within Company Law.  If you want to read the legalese which, incidentally was written in 1946, click on the image at the left.  Close the page that opens to return here.
  Articles of Association

The articles of Association are closer to what we would expect of a Constitution as they state the rules for membership, the frequency of meetings and the rules which you can look at by clicking on the image to the left.   Close the page that opens to return to this page.