Our Club Coaches

  Coach Liaison Officer   
   Dave Hoyland 
 Rowland Cleverley
 Geoff Bourne

I started playing bowls at the end of 2011, in the same month I married my wife, Jane.  However, I did play for 3 years as a teenager in Chippenham, Wiltshire picking up the club Pairs trophy during my time there. I also have a teenage daughter who keeps me busy outside of bowls! Strictly speaking I am retired but try to fill my spare time with volunteering for Oxfam.

  Dave Waddell   
   An engineer by trade, I moved to Olney with my job and became a member of the Bowling Club a few years ago following my retirement. Believing that the club has a great future in the town, I was in the team that set up the Junior Section and became a qualified coach to help not only our juniors, but help return the club to the top level of competition which it had enjoyed a few years ago.
 Rory McDonald    John Ferris
     I have been involved with bowls on and off since my early teens having been  a member of two clubs when I lived in Scotland.
Moving to Olney when I took up a role in Management Training, most of my spare time has seen me involved in the local Lions club.
Following retirement in 2002, I joined the Olney bowling club to rekindle up my interest in 'bools' and coaching was a natural extension of both the sport and past employment. 

The club is very fortunate to have a a number of fully qualified and experience coaches available to help members hone their skills and perhaps get rid of some 'bad habits' that we all pick up from time to time and we would suggest taking advantage of their services.   Formal coaching sessions have been scheduled throughout the season (details on our Calendar ) with additional 1:1 sessions being possible in discussion with one of our coaching team.

Our coaching team is Rowland Cleverley and Dave Hoyland who have all qualified Level 2 coaches and Rory McDonald, Dave Waddell and John Ferris who are Level 1 qualified.   Please contact any one of them (details in your fixture card) to see what can be arranged.   You can of course, contact them via the website enquiries page - simply click here, drop us a note and one of them will contact you to discuss your requirements.

The on line world has some coaching videos which may also be useful to anyone wishing to review aspects of their game and a number of video's have been identified as of particular use which enables you to view them at your own leisure and in the comfort of your own home.  You may find these useful if you are unable to get to the club for 1:1 tuition.

When viewing these, please remember to switch on your sound and if actually handling bowls at home, remember your rooms are unlikely to be quite the length of the bowling green and we (with tongue in cheek) issue the following disclaimer - 

The Olney Bowling club cannot be held responsible for any breakages you may incur when using our on line Coaching Centre videos. 

Selecting the Bowl                    Having the correct bowl for the size of your hand and ensuring it is of the correct weight for you is vital.  This video will help highlight some of the key points you should consider when choosing a set of bowls.  
 The Grip   How should you hold the bowl to help ensure the best delivery.
 The Stance   Position of feet, position of body - what are the alternatives. 
 Delivery   The most important part of bowling - or is it?   Take some advice from this expert.
 Delivery Line   How should the bowl travel to the jack?  Watch this to see. 
 Common Faults   How many of these do you have?   Let's eliminate them one at a time. 
 The Draw Shot   The one we always want to achieve - let this coach give you advice on how to make the perfect draw. 

More videos will be added as we come across them and all will be vetted by our coaches to ensure they do not conflict with current practices but please remember, what is right for one person, may not be right for you.   Having an appreciation of a tried and tested technique, however, will help you play the best game you can.

Remember - Contact the coaches if you would like some 1:1 coaching, their contact details are in the club fixture list.