Find the  Joker

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    Our fundraising game, Find the Joker will run for the duration of each season.  
    Our first season saw it run for the full 53 cards before being won by Mike Byrom who pocketed £674 all for the lowly sum of £1. Last year over £700 was won in 3 games and we have started each year thanks to having a good sum carried forward from the end of the preceding season.

    The aim is to find the joker from amongst 53 cards - and for those new to the game, here's how it works.

    The Game explained and Rules

    The Game Overview

    The Joker game commences with the board containing 53 numbered envelopes on it. Each envelope will contain a playing card using a full pack of 52 cards in addition to one Joker.

    These will be placed in individual envelopes which are sealed. shuffled and are each numbered from 1 to 53.   They are attached to the Joker Board which is on permanent display in the clubhouse and locked until a draw/draws take place.

    The game starts with a displayed Jackpot sum and as it progresses, this will increase, based on previous sales takings with  approximately 50% of the sales being added to the 'pot' and the balance being donated to the club.   

    In order to carry out a draw, a minimum of 50 tickets must have been sold since the last draw although additional draws may be authorised subject to the following:

    50 tickets sold = 1 Draw

    75 tickets sold = 2 Draws

    100 tickets sold = 3 Draws

    and every full 25 tickets sold = 1 Additional draw

    On the last social event of the season, additional draws may be authorised by the Social Committee based on their opinion of what is a necessary sum in which to commence the new season 'Pot'.

    After each draw or series of draws, all tickets in that draw will be cancelled and ticket selling for the next draw can commence.    

    Please Note:  Tickets are valid only for the draw or series of draws following purchase and do not carry over once that draw has taken place.

    Playing the Game 

    Tickets cost £1 and can be purchased at the bar or from any ticket sellers at our events - this will give you an entry into the next available draw.

    Play is limited to members only and it is up to the individual to ensure that they comply with the membership criteria.

    When a draw takes place, the person who's ticket has been drawn (or someone on their behalf) will visit the Joker board and select an envelope.   In the event of a proxy, it will be the preferred envelope of the ticket purchaser if shown - which if not available, will be the nearest higher numbered unopened envelope.  If no ticket number is shown, the proxy is free to pick any envelope of their own choice.

    If the selected envelope, once opened, contains the Joker, the winning ticket holder will be given the full prize pot and the current game immediately ends.

    Ticket holders who are unsuccessful in finding the Joker, will be awarded a consolation prize of £5.

    At the end of a Game, the board will then be reset at the first opportunity to enable a new game and new set of draws to commence. 

    Your ticket has a unique number on it and you may write your name on the reverse of the counterfoil (with contact phone number if you are unlikely to be present when the next draw takes place).  You may also quote the numbered envelope you wish opened on your behalf if you are not present at the next draw and the ticket will be given to you for your retention. 

    Once 50 or more tickets have been sold, the decision on whether or not to hold one or more draws will be made by a member of the social/club committee, The draw or draws will be made using the counterfoils for tickets sold since the last draw in accordance with the above.  The winning ticket holder will, if present, choose one of the envelopes (or if not present, a proxy will remove the numbered envelope which was written on the reverse of the counterfoil or choose an envelope at random.) 

    The chosen envelope will be opened and if it contains the Joker card, the member will win the 'Prize Pot'.   This will generally be paid in cash but depending on the value of the prize, it may require to be paid by cheque at a later date.If at the end of the draw(s) the joker has not been picked, the selected card(s) and envelope(s) will be replaced visibly on the board, all counterfoils destroyed and the game continues afresh until the next draw with the 'Prize Pot' being increased by a sum approx equal to 50% of the value of ticket sales made since the previous draw    This process repeats itself until such time as it is won. 

    Each time a ticket is chosen but fails to contain the Joker, it will be displayed in its orginal place on the board and will show the ticket number which won the opportunity to Find the Joker with the new prize pot being shown.

    If on bar closing day, more than 5 envelopes are still available, the game continues as normal into the next season.   If 5 or less cards are uncovered, tickets will be drawn one at a time, with the opportunity for further ticket sales between each draw, until the Joker is found. Note: in this situation, the prize pot will NOT be increased, As the number of envelopes/cards on the board reduces, the chance of the winner selecting the Joker significantly increases.

    Board Reset

    A new game will start once the organisers can reset the board and will commence with a prize pot equivalent to 50% of the accumulated remaining revenue from the preceding game or the Social Committee may, at its discretion, start the Jackpot at a different level.