Under 18 International Bowls Match

Olney Bowling Club are very fortunate to have 6 of our Juniors selected for the N Bucks Squad.

Rowan Thomas, Freddie Upton, Archie Chatfield, Harvey Whitmack, Thomas Phillips and Aiden Jones will be participating and representing not only the Bucks Bowls Association but also Olney Bowling Club.

If you are free at any point during the day, please pop in and give our players as much encouragement as we do at any of the major games which we are represented at.   

A great turnout would not only support our juniors but the coaching team who have spent so many hours helping them get to the standard necessary to represent the County in such a prestigious match.    It would also help the visiting team who, given the unrest at home, must be finding it such a difficult time for them to be away from friends and family.

Although standing to be corrected, this is the first time in the present memory of most of our members, that so many players from the club have been selected and participated in an International Match and shows just how our Junior players under the coaching of Rowland, Dave, Geoff and the other coaches have progressed.